An Illustrated History of the Irish Revolution, 1916-1923


The foundations of the Irish State were built during the years 1916-1923. The Irish Revolution started when advanced nationalists rose up and proclaimed an Irish Republic at Easter 1916. The War of Independence that followed was infinitely more bitter. When the British granted a flawed form of Independence, this led to the Civil War.

Michael B. Barry brings the events of the Irish Revolution alive in this splendidly illustrated book containing over 800 images. The story is set out in a rich visual manner, using specially-created maps and historical as well as contemporary photographs, many never published before. A selection of painstakingly-colourised photographs adds a unique dimension to this book by giving a new perspective and immediacy to the events, bringing to life the famous personalities of the era.

If you want to understand the story of the Irish Revolution, from its origins in 1916 all the way to the end of the Civil War, this is the book.